Any form of electrical jobs should not be treated as a simple DIY task and should always be given the importance it deserves, whether it is in a residential setting or a commercial establishment. This is why it is advisable to consider a few points before hiring an electrician.

  • License and Warranties – Check that the electrical contractor is fully insured and licensed. It is not only a guarantee of the superior quality of work that can be expected, it is also an assurance that you’ll be compensated if anything should go wrong. Further ensure that warranties are offered on the work carried out.
  • Experience – This is very important as the level of workmanship is dependent on the number of years of experience. Hire an electrician with at least 3 years experience in this field. This aspect should be stressed on more in case of heavy duty high voltage work in commercial establishments.
  • Trade Membership – In Australia, there are several bodies that regulate and monitor the standards of electrical contractors. Being a member of one such body is an assurance that an electrician has achieved levels of excellence in his profession. Some f the well known associations are National Electrical Contractors Association, Master Electricians Australia, Energy Supply Association of Australia and National Electrical and Communications Australia.
  • Testimonials – Before hiring electriciansask for testimonials from previous customers. This will at once establish the capability of the electricians to carry out the work you have in mind.

This list is only indicative and not exhaustive. A faulty electrical setup can be disastrous for any premises. Tie up all loose ends before hiring an electrician.