Australia is a tourist’s delight. Lovers of golden beaches or rugged mountains, architectural wonders or lonely secludes bays – there is something for everybody. It is also not possible to see the sights of Australia at one go until you have all the time in the world to leisurely go around the country.  This is why any attempt to know the top places to visit in Australia will not be confined to cities or the wilderness, there will be a mix of everything that can possibly satiate the senses of a vacationer to this country.

The Great Barrier Reef – It is a top draw among tourist destinations the world over. It comprises of more than 2,900 coral reefs and hundreds of cays and islands. This diverse ecosystem has been formed over millions of years by living organisms. The Great Barrier Reef is located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland. For underwater explorers and scuba divers, this place is heaven on earth.

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Tasmania – This island off the southern tip of Australia has it all – beaches and mountains and never ending rolling grasslands. For the diehard outdoor enthusiast, there cannot be a better place than this. Lake St. Clair National Park has amazing natural beauty with unlimited hiking opportunities. Traverse the many rivers by canoe, kayak, raft or cruise ship. Southern Ocean waves are a haven for seals and dolphins. Even catch the penguins returning home at dusk. Book a luxury accommodation in Tasmania and make a visit to this island a one in a lifetime experience.

West Australia – Perth must be one of the most remote capitals of the world and a gateway to one of the most exciting holiday destinations even though the city itself has a laid back style of its own. West Coast fauna includes kangaroos, emus and a rich bird life. Every year over 30,000 whales cruise the coast and at Ningaloo Marine Park you get to see the whale shark, the largest fish in the world. Freemantle, another city in the state has a historic townscape with a huge red outback leading out of it.

Alice Springs – One of the yet unspoiled places on earth, Alice Springs is about 1500km from the nearest metropolitan city and has endless desert landscapes and deep gorges. It is also home to a number of Aboriginal communities. This tough outback is ideal for the backpacker, hiking through the numerous trails and sights. Uluru/Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) and Kings Canyon are must see places at Alice Springs.

Melbourne – The list should include at least one metropolitan city and Melbourne is the first choice. It is called the cultural capital of Australia with its range of museums, art galleries, performing arts and a stately Gold rush era architectural splendour. The city is also home to some top sports tournaments in the world including Garand Slam tennis, cricket at the MCC, Formula I racing and soccer. People do flock from all over the world for these events. You can also likewise plan your vacation at these times.

These are just a sample of places to visit in Australia. It takes a lifetime to really take in all the sights of the country.