Any house building project, be it a new construction, a renovation or an extension can be ruined if the first step is not taken after careful thought. And that step is hiring a building contractor only after meticulously weighing a few points. What then are the things that should be given a lot of importance in this regard?

  • Get a fixed price bid and not an estimate – Most contractors prefer to give an estimate rather than a fixed bid as they cannot factor in the “unknowns” that might crop up during work. Hence the final bill could be much higher. The best way is to get a fixed bill on the job to be done and then get sub fixed bids on each new work that comes up. This way you’ll be able to compare prices with other contractors.
  • Ensure that the contractor is fully licensed and insured – A licence is an assurance that below par or poor quality work will be rectified and set right. Being insured is a guarantee that any damage to the property or injuries to the residents will be fully compensated by liability insurance. Some states have laws that require contractors to be compulsorily insured before a licence is issued.
  • Check credentials and verify testimonials from clients and suppliers – Ensure that the contractor you hire has long years of experience in this field with a valid address – not a P.O box number! A local contractor is preferable as more time will be devoted to your project. Check for testimonials from previous customers that are not too old and outdated. Find out who are the main suppliers of construction materials and fittings and fixtures of bathrooms and kitchens You’ll get an idea from them about the financial standing and credibility of the contractor.

Follow these simple points before hiring a building contractor and you definitely cannot go wrong.