The secret behind a beautiful well laid out garden in summer is the amount of preparation and hard work put in during spring. The patch of green must be resilient enough to weather the blistering sun, weeds, pests and most importantly heavy footfalls that is inevitable as people will prefer to spend the evening outdoors.

A few guidelines if scrupulously followed in spring will give you the garden you want in summer.

Soil Preparation – This is the most important part. The lawn should be well raked to remove thatch as this decaying plant material can stop water from reaching the deep roots. Turn the soil over for a number of days with a spading fork and then add what you know is good for the soil – compost, fertilizer, peat moss or anything else. A simple home soil testing kit will help in this regard. Irrigate the soil well. One deep irrigation cycle is always preferable over brief sprinkling is done frequently.

Tree Pruning – This is the time to trim fruit trees before the buds begin to bloom. But leave the task to tree pruning professionals from Melbourne. If you prune too much, the trees will get stressed and there will be little or no yield of fruit.

Sowing summer seeds and plants – Stagger sowing of heat tolerant veggies like spinach and lettuce. You will thus get the freshest right through summer. Others include tomatoes and peppers. Take out plants that have already grown to the fullest and flowered. Remember, you want a completely new summer look. Ensure correct seed spacing so that plants do not crowd each other when they grow up.

Setting up supports – This is the real backbreaking part. Put up proper supports for tomatoes and beans and have bamboo trellis systems in place for quick climbers and plants like peppers that do not go high but need to be held up when in full yield.

Preparing the seedlings – The seedlings started indoors should by now have started sprouting. But they should be slowly acclimatised to the outdoor heat or they will burn off. Just a few hours each day outside will prepare them for the ultimate transplantation in your garden.

A well laid out lawn – For a well laid out lawn, frequently mow the area, sprinkle water liberally and raise the cutting height of the mower as summer rolls in. Longer grass shades the soil and retains water better.

You don’t have control over the severity of summer. But by following these guidelines and availing services of tree trimming around Melbourne, you will surely be ready for a beautiful garden to brighten up your home.