Technological advancement in the world of beauty and skin rejuvenation equipment has made treatments permanent and almost painless. Gone are the days of waxing, bleaching and using epilators to remove facial hair at periodical intervals. Today, the talk is about IPL and laser hair machines that make hair removal a permanent process.

How do these machines work? Short bursts of light are focused on the target area. It travels below the epidermis and dermis of the skin right down to the root and bulb of the hair follicle. These are destroyed and further growth is stopped. However, for the treatment to be fully effective, about 5 – 6 sessions are required at monthly intervals.

Most beauty salons and spas have both IPL and laser machines to treat patients though their functioning is almost on similar lines. This is because there is a subtle difference between the two. IPL has more diffused light and is therefore particularly effective on light, fine and fair hair and on skin shades 1 – 3. Laser light is more powerful and works better on coarse and rough hair on under arms and legs and is effective on all skin types. However, IPL treatment is comparatively painless of the two.

There are a number of providers of these IPL and laser hair removal machines in Melbourne and a few of them can be mentioned here.

• Australian Aesthetic Devices – This is the only company in the Australian aesthetics industry that manufactures these machines. Top of the line components are imported from Germany and Japan and globally recognized best manufacturing practices are used to make these equipment. State of the art design and engineering are applied in the processes. This enables the company to have cost effective products without compromising on the quality. As an acknowledgement of benchmarks of excellence set by the company, it has been accredited with the prestigious ISO 13485 for manufacturing of medical devices. The product line of the company includes Dual Light IPL machines, Xen LED and Swift HR (Diode Laser)
 Stephen Blignaut – Stephen Blignaut is one of the industry leaders in the beauty and anti-aging equipment sector and heads companies that imports and distributes such highly advanced and state of the art devices in Australia. Some of these include IPL and laser permanent hair removal devices as well as skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal equipment. He is also a Director in Pure Franchise Systems Pty Ltd that has a global footprint, importing such equipment in New Zealand, the Middle East and the European Union apart from Australia.

• Universal Medical Aesthetics – The company specializes in distributing top end IPL and laser hair removal machines in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia. UMA also has the distinction of being one of the few companies in Australia that has a patent for hair removal equipment. A strongpoint of the company is the excellent customer service to clients. Hands-on training is provided to optimize use of machinery purchased from them. This has made the company one of the trusted and leading players in the medical aesthetic equipment sector.

There are many other smaller players in this category. However, it is always advisable to contact the leaders when buying a permanent hair removal machine.