The decision to go for home improvement and renovation is often based on various factors – the need for more space to cater to increased family size, lifestyle improvements by installing the latest fittings and fixtures or simply to increase the curb value of the property. But whatever the reason might be, it’s always advisable to hire a reputed local contractor to take up the project.

There are many advantages to this. First, additions to the existing structure require permission from the local councils which can be a complex process for the homeowner. A local contractor will be aware of the rules and will help get the necessary sanctions. Further, local extension builders will know where to get the best construction materials and will have contracts to buy them at wholesale rates passing on the difference to the owner who’ll get the benefit of lower building costs. Finally, a local contractor will be able to show you similar projects undertaken in the neighbourhood so that you get a fair idea of his professional expertise.

A local contractor is also qualified to guide you on the relative merits and demerits of single and double storey extension and which one you should opt for. Generally, a double storey extension preserves the aesthetics and integrity of the present structure along with the garage, garden and swimming pool. But a single storey extension creates a radical change in the total look of the property as new construction is done on vacant spaces at the sides. The crucial choice of what would suit you should best be left to the discretion of a local contractor who has all the necessary experience in this field.