office relocation

For any business sometimes you grow out of your office space and its time to move to a new location. While office removals may seem similar to moving to a new house it in fact can be quite complex depending on the move. Some things when moving offices, you may want to consider are your employees, the location of your new space, the internet and other technical elements like air conditioning and electricity. But when it comes to the actual moving of your office here are five tips that can make the move a breeze.

1.      Have an inventory

It is always good to have lists and an inventory is particularly important because it lists all the items in your office. This list will also highlight the importance of each item, what needs to be disassembled, moved and potentially disposed of which will be helpful come office moving day. Additionally, an inventory can specify where items must go and can be checked off once you move into your new business.

2.      Prepare Furniture

office furniture

Preparing your furniture is an essential part to moving offices because you need to know what the size of all your furniture is and whether or not it can be disassembled. Heavy items also need to be weighed in case they need to be taken care of separately or with additional machinery. Moving office day can be stressful enough and as the manager you want to make sure there will be no injuries on the day, a way you can do this is by safeguarding sharp edges and corners of chairs and tables prior to moving day. Additionally, make sure to disconnect cords that may be in the way and items that do not need to be connected on moving day. Finally, if you are moving on a non-workday try and put the furniture in an order that will make moving the office supplies easier.

3.      Make Access Way Clear

This may be the most difficult task of moving day but having constant access and ease getting to your moving vehicle will be the most beneficial for a succinct move. Before moving day, you should measure how big your office door and elevator door (if provided) are so you and your employees know what can go through the door on the day and what needs to be disassembled. Additionally, if your building has an elevator check the weight limit inside the elevator and locate where the utility stairwell is. During the week of or the day before the move you also may need to rearrange your office so that this door is accessible and if your employees are working that they are not a hindrance.

4.      Hire Removalists

office movers

Make your life easier and hire professional office removers to move your office for you. You may still have to prepare some items but it will take a great load of the stress away. Another benefit to hiring professional removalists will also mean that there will be less non-working hours for you and your employees, so you can get back to work quicker.

There are hundreds of professional removalists in Melbourne you could choose, MSB Removals however are one of Melbourne’s favourite removal services because of their customised services and their transparency. MSB Removals will take away a lot of the stress in moving offices as their services including packing offices, disassembling furniture and setting up the new office. Moreover, some of MSB Removals custom office cleaning service include of disposing of unneeded furniture and waste, moving technical items carefully and securing important files to move.

5.      Clean your Office

The final tip when moving office is to clean the new office before you move in and the old office after you move out. We consider this to be essential because no business or manager wants to get a reputation for leaving a space untidy, dusty or full of food scraps.  Likewise, a clean office space improves the work environment and the productivity of your business.

We hope these tips helped relieve the stress of thinking about moving your business and that you now feel confident in preparing to move offices. To hire MSB Removals check out their website or call them on 0430 202 435